NEW MUSIC VIDEOS "Silence" / "My Arms Will Open Wide"

Greetings Flock...

Hello! Mishkin here just keeping you updated with news from the Nest!

MUSIC VIDEOS-A-PLENTY I'm thrilled to announce that we're about to release the music videos to "Silence" & "My Arms Will Open Wide". Both creations have been made entirely possible by the wonderful patrons we have on our Patreon Page, so thank you for your support. If you want to see how the videos were made, unseen pics, and exclusive content then do come join us on Patreon here. It's fantastic!

"Silence" and "My Arms Will Open Wide" will be the last two tracks we release from "The Bullet Within", as we've begun to record NEW songs that will be out before the end of the year... "Silence" was directed by Dominic William Stoate and will be released to the general public on 28th September.

If you want to see it earlier than that, head over to Patreon where it's already out!

Here's a cheeky still from the video.

"My Arms Will Open Wide" (directed by Richard Anthony Dunford) will be released to BIRDEATSBABY PATRONS-ONLY on 30th September. So, if you'd like to view it before it goes public, read our exclusive Patron-only blog, AND see all the behind-the-scenes stuff too, please join our PATREON PAGE for access!

You can watch a trailer here too...

INDIE NOIR IS RETURNING Yes yes yes I'm hosting another night in London of amazing music/film/fashion/art on October 17th...

I'll be opening the show solo, so I really hope you birds can come down and support me.

I'm thrilled to be playing with Benjamin Bloom, April Fish and of course my good friend Emberhoney. The feature artists are Jack E. & Louise Lye, and there will also be poetry, silent film and a fashion stall so don't miss it! You can grab tickets HERE.


We're playing The Catalyst Club on the 23rd. Catch us with Hana Piranha, and playing some new songs. Our official event info is HERE.

AND FINALLY We've set a date for our Christmas Webcast concert.... which is going to be somewhat spectacular. As we passed milestone #6 on Patreon, we're going to be playing... wait for it...


Yes, that means, all of our songs. From Here She Comes-a-Tumblin' to The Bullet Within, it's about 40 songs in total I think! Streamed LIVE for everyone across the world to watch! This is only going to ever happen ONCE! So DON'T MISS IT! AND we just *might* have some very special guests arriving too... If you want to get involved and be first to hear about it the Facebook event is HERE. I think that's it from me. Phew!

Love & Feathers, Mishkin and the birds xxxx

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