Title China Doll

Date 01/02/2008

Format EP (CD/Digital)

Cat # n/a

Title Here She Comes-a-Tumblin'

Date 01/06/2009

Format Album (CD/Digital)

Cat # BEB001

Title Bigger Teeth

Date 10/10/2010

Format EP (CD/Digital)

Cat # BEB002

Title Through Ten Walls

Date 05/09/2011

Format Single (Digital)

Cat # DRER001

Title Feast of Hammers

Date 07/11/2011

Format Single (Digital)

Cat # DRER002

Title Incitatus

Date 06/02/2012

Format Single (Digital)

Cat # DRER003

Title Anchor

Date 23/05/2012

Format Single (Digital)

Cat # n/a

Title Feast of Hammers

Date 20/02/2012

Format Album (CD/Digital)

Cat # DRER004

Title The Bullet

Date 02/04/2014

Format Single (Digital)

Cat # DRER007

Title Spiders

Date 30/06/2014

Format Single (Digital)

Cat # DRER009

Title Ghosts

Date 12/10/2013

Format Single (Digital)

Cat # DRER006

Title Present Company (Mishkin Fitzgerald)

Date 01/05/2013

Format Album (CD/Digital)

Cat # DRER005

Title The Bullet Within

Date 14/07/2014

Format Album (CD/Digital)

Cat # DRER008

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"Kate Bush on acid"

Rock and Metal Magazine

"Tori Amos and Muse bewildering a church coffee morning"

Prog Magazine

"hints of everyone from ELO to Marilyn Manson... avian infanticide has rarely sounded so good"

Simon Price, Q Magazine



"there is much to savour... playful gothic pop"

John Crosby, R2 Magazine



"stylish, slinky sound that conjures up backstage theatre doors"

Bizarre Magazine



"their gothic nightmares are as stylish as they are surreal"

Ben Graham, Music Week



"chillingly spot-on... it's refreshing to hear a band stepping away from the obvious"

Jackie Hayden, Hot Press



"Birdeatsbaby are high-kicking their way through the ashes and dust with the best of 'em"

Simon Price, The Independent



"splendid cabaret style art-rock"

Chris Hawkins, BBC 6 Music



"We should fling this filth at our pop kids, and we should do it now"

Ben Graham, The Quietus



"defies all the rules of simple music and is what makes this album so outstandingly, brilliantly strange... a gothic masterpiece""

405 Magazine


"Encounter those rare moments you come across a song that is just perfect and you can’t help but have it on repeat?"

Massimo Zeppetelli, Fresh on the Net (BBC6 Music blog)

Lady Grey
Box Of Razorblades

Birdeatsbaby’s name was literally dreamt up by bandleader Mishkin Fitzgerald, back in her teens after a particularly long bout of insomnia. Often sleep deprived and on medication the flame haired singer would have strong hallucinations and nightmares, resulting in most of the material from the band’s first record “Here She Comes-a-Tumblin’”. Fitzgerald, having had most of her musical training at church, was strongly influenced by hymns, classical music and later on, all things rock n roll. ...